Detailed programme

Thursday, November 22

Time Type of talk Speaker/Authors Title
8:50 Welcome
Session 1
Chair: Miłosz Kadziński
9:00-9:50 Invited lecture Luis Dias From Multiple Criteria Decision Aid to Preference Learning in Location Suitability Assessment [Slides]
9:50-10:10 Regular paper Rudolf Vetschera and Luis Dias A bisection method for generating random utility functions in SMAA [PDF] [Slides]
10:10-10:30 Regular paper Xiaoxin Mao, Jiapeng Liu, Xiuwu Liao Scalable preference disaggregation: A multiple criteria sorting approach based on the MapReduce framework [PDF] [Slides]
Session 2
Chair: Krzysztof Dembczyński
11:00-11:50 Invited lecture Ori Davidov Graphical linear models for paired comparisons data
11:50-12:10 Regular paper Björn Haddenhorst, Eyke Hüllermeier and Martin Kolb On Transitivity Properties of Probability Distributions on Rankings [PDF] [Slides]
12:10-12:30 Regular paper Mastane Achab, Anna Korba and Stephan Clémençon Dimensionality Reduction and (Bucket) Ranking: a Mass Transportation Approach [PDF] [Slides]
Session 3
Chair: Rudolf Vetschera
13:30-13:50 Regular paper Khaled Belahcène, Vincent Mousseau, Wassila Ouerdane, Marc Pirlot and Olivier Sobrie Ranking with Multiple Points: Efficient Elicitation and Learning Procedures [Slides]
13:50-14:10 Regular paper Khaled Belahcène, Oumaima Khaled, Vincent Mousseau, Wassila Ouerdane and Ali Tlili A new efficient SAT formulation for learning NCS models: numerical results [Slides]
14:10-14:30 Regular paper Sarah Itani, Fabian Lecron and Philippe Fortemps A gender-differentiated MR-Sort model for diagnosis aid of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) [PDF] [Slides]
14:30-14:50 Regular paper Arthur Valko, Alexandru-Liviu Olteanu, David Brosset and Patrick Meyer Integrating a temporal component into multi-criteria majority-rule sorting models [PDF] [Slides]
14:50-15:10 Regular paper Nicolas Fayard and Meltem Öztürk Ordinal social ranking : simulations for CP-majority rule [PDF] [Slides]
Session 4
Chair: Marc Pirlot
15:40-16:00 Regular paper Antoine Rolland and Jairo Cugliari Interaction or Correlation? An analysis of Choquet integral approach in MCDA real situations [PDF] [Slides]
16:00-16:20 Regular paper Guilherme Pelegrina, Michel Grabisch, Leonardo Duarte and João Romano Multilinear model: New issues in capacity identification [PDF]
16:20-16:40 Regular paper Stepan Balcar, Michal Kopecký and Peter Vojtas Synergy of stochastic and nature inspired optimization in recommender systems [PDF] [Slides]
16:40-17:00 Regular paper Olivier Cailloux Learning argumentative recommenders [PDF] [Slides]

Friday, November 23

Time Type of talk Speaker/Authors Title
Session 5
Chair: Eyke Hüllermeier
9:00-9:50 Invited lecture Roman Słowiński The NEMO framework for Interactive Multiobjective Optimization: Learning value functions from pairwise comparisons
9:50-10:10 Regular paper Thibaut Lust Interactive Pareto local search with imprecise trade-offs [PDF] [Slides]
10:10-10:30 Regular paper Diogo de Lima Silva, Luciano Ferreira and Adiel de Almeida-Filho A Preference Disaggregation Approach for TOPSIS-Sort [PDF]
Session 6
Chair: Vincent Mousseau
11:00-11:50 Invited lecture Andrea Passerini Constructive Preference Elicitation [Slides]
11:50-12:10 Regular paper Karlson Pfannschmidt, Pritha Gupta and Eyke Hüllermeier Learning of Context-Dependent Ranking Functions [PDF]
12:10-12:30 Regular paper Tobias Joppen Monte Carlo Tree Search without numerical rewards [PDF]
Session 7
Chair: Sébastien Destercke
13:30-14:20 Invited lecture Wojciec Kotłowski Online learning of isotonic functions [Slides]
14:20-14:40 Regular paper Nadjet Bourdache, Patrice Perny and Olivier Spanjaard Adaptive Elicitation of Rank-Dependent Aggregation Models based on Bayesian Linear Regression [PDF] [Slides]
14:40-15:00 Regular paper Alexandru-Liviu Olteanu Strategies for the incremental inference of majority-rule sorting models [PDF] [Slides]
15:00-15:20 Regular paper Arwa Khannoussi, Alexandru-Liviu Olteanu, Catherine Dezan, Jean-Philippe Diguet, Christophe Labreuche, Jacques Petit-Frère and Patrick Meyer Incremental Learning of Simple Ranking Method Using Reference Profiles Models [PDF] [Slides]
Session 8
Chair: Philippe Fortemps
15:50-16:10 Regular paper Christophe Labreuche A formal justification of a simple aggregation function based on criteria and rank weights [PDF] [Slides]
16:10-16:30 Regular paper Sébastien Destercke and Yonatan Carlos Carranza Alarcon Cautious label-wise ranking with constraint satisfactions [PDF] [Slides]
16:30-16:50 Regular paper Bénédicte Goujon Preference Learning for Object Ranking and Classification with Fixed-point Algorithm [PDF] [Slides]
16:50-17:10 Regular paper Kalina Jasinska and Krzysztof Dembczyński Bayes optimal prediction for NDCG@k in extreme multi-label classification [PDF] [Slides]