The DA2PL’2018 will take place at the Poznan University of Technology, Warta (Piotrowo) Campus which is beautifully located on the riverside, next to a recreational area of Malta lake, and within a close and easy reach of the city centre.

The DA2PL’2018 conference venue is a modern Lecture Centre (Centrum Wykładowe; CW). It has been constructed in the last 10 years in such a way that from its three passages you can see the historical symbols of Poznan: City Hall, Cathedral, and Bernardine Church.

Conference venue: Lecture and Conference Centre, Poznan University of Technology (Centrum Wykładowe i Biblioteka Techniczna, Politechnika Poznańska) Address: Piotrowo 2, 60-965 Poznań

The conference will be held in the 051 BT room at the ground floor of the Lecture Centre.